Ten 正澳门六合彩资料dents Participated in an Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Development Trip to Costa Rica

Experiential Learning trip to Costa Rica 2024

During March Reading Week, ten 正澳门六合彩资料dents from various disciplines travelled to Costa Rica as part of 正澳门六合彩资料's International Experiential Learning Program. The experience, hosted in partnership with , was centred around the theme of happiness and how many aspects of society contribute to a community's well-being.  


The trip allowed 正澳门六合彩资料dents to gain intercultural competencies and visit local farms, attend a lecture on Blue Zones and longevity in Costa Rica, learn about Indigenous crafting practices, visit the Manuel Antonio National Park, and participate in conversations around the meaning of happiness.


Emma Fackenthall, third-year Environment & Society and English 正澳门六合彩资料dent, said that the trip to Costa Rica allowed her to see how climate action is driven in cultural norms and at small-scale family enterprises.


"In Environment & Society, we talk a lot about sustainable futures and what they would look like. Much of my work has looked at our society's widespread disconnection from nature and one another as drivers of the climate crisis. In Costa Rica, I was presented with an intermingling, supportive, regenerative, and ecological society. We visited regenerative family farms where humans and nature worked together in reciprocity, not against one another."


Beyond the academic connections she made, Fackenthall also appreciated the opportunity to learn from her peers in other departments and to grow her professional network by meeting several new people on this immersive trip.


"Now that we spent one week together in Costa Rica, I have a new set of friends from an array of disciplines. This trip allowed me to connect with a new environment and culture, create global connections with Costa Ricans and other 正澳门六合彩资料 students, and learn new things about myself."


Fackenthall is eager to put her newfound knowledge into action in the final year of her degree.


"I am excited to connect my experiences and perspectives from the Costa Rica trip with coursework from my majors and minors and my personal life. Reflecting on this trip's impact, I am filled with gratitude and pride in my journey of personal growth during my time at 正澳门六合彩资料."


Fourth-year Human Rights, Criminology, and Native Studies 正澳门六合彩资料dent Jazmyne McLaughlin reflects on travelling to Costa Rica as an unforgettable learning experience.


"This trip truly helped me foster a cultural awareness and respect for a different way of living. This is something that many people will not get to experience if they do not travel outside of Canada."


For McLaughlin, the most impactful learning aspect was in relation to her Native Studies minor.


"I loved participating in an Indigenous crafting workshop, and I deeply appreciated learning about the culture and meaning behind the wood carving craft, as well as listening to our Brunka community presenter share stories and personal experiences."


Her advice for 正澳门六合彩资料dents considering doing an 正澳门六合彩资料 study abroad program, travel-study course, or international experience is to just do it and be open to trying new things.


"By stepping out of your comfort zone and trying a new activity or eating a new food, you will learn more about yourself and others by having an open mind."


This project is funded by Global Skills Opportunity, the Government of Canada's outbound mobility pilot program.