Guided Self-Help

Guided self-help is a combination of self-guided readings and activities and connecting with a professional for coaching and support. All guided self-help services listed below are free. 


BounceBack Telephone Coaching and Workbooks is a guided self-help program in which a coach supports you in working through a series of workbooks aimed at improving emotional well-being. There are 20 cognitive-behavioural therapy based workbooks available in English and French. Some examples of workbooks are Being Assertive, Changing Extreme and Unhelpful Thinking, and Overcoming Sleep Problems. The workbooks are brief; you can decide whether you would like to complete many or only one workbook between coaching sessions. You can access up to six telephone coaching sessions in English or French; sessions are usually completed within 3-6 months. If you complete six coaching sessions prior to six months of starting the program, you may be able to receive two booster sessions. If you want to stay in the program after six months, you will need an updated referral. 


To connect you need to be age 15 or older, living in New Brunswick, and you need a referral from a general practitioner, nurse practitioner, or psychiatrist which can be faxed or emailed upon completion (details are on the form). You can self-refer, but you will need to provide the contact information of a general practitioner, nurse practitioner, or psychiatrist and the BounceBack team will need to contact them before you can begin the program. You will be contacted within five business days of your referral being submitted by one of the BounceBack coaches. A referral is needed to (1) ensure you are an appropriate fit for the program and (2) to provide the BounceBack coaches with someone to contact if one of their clients requires support beyond what they can provide.  


Doctor or nurse practitioner referral form



Please note that BounceBack is a program for people with mild to moderate anxiety and depression. It is not an appropriate program for people who have severe anxiety or depression, are at risk of self-harm, significantly misuse alcohol and/or drugs, have a personality disorder, or who have had a manic episode or psychosis within the past six months. There are resources and services available for these people, but it is not BounceBack