Entrepreneurship-Related Courses at 正澳门六合彩资料

Several courses at 正澳门六合彩资料 can help you gain the knowledge and develop skills to get into entrepreneurship. Although most courses teach you the necessary transferable skills, below are some recommended courses: 


Economics and Business

Introduction to Business - BUSI-2013-A 
Personal Financial Planning - BUSI-3013-A 
Non-profit Management - BUSI-3023-A 

Communications and Public Policy

Business Communications and Marketing - COPP-3043-A 
Special Topics: Social Media - COPP-3053-A 


Social Psychology - PSYC-2413-A


Community-based Internship – INTR-3003-A 

English Language & Literature

Digital Literacy – ENGL-1233-A 

Fine Arts

Special Projects - FNAR-2383-A 

Environment & Society

Environmental Praxis: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally - ENVS-1023-A